Closet Deposits

Some of you may think of me as not invited into this conversation (I’m single), nevertheless this one is a Crumb for women. After further thinking about the last blog (Giftwrapped), I wonder about the profound fallout that comes from covering ourselves in our intimate relationships. As a reminder, in Gen:3 when Adam covers himself …



This was a challenging post because the discussion is so explosive that it took some time to narrow it down! To bring you up to speed, my initial posts on spiritual gifts pointed us toward a fuller grasp of what possessing a spiritual gift may mean for each of us in a practical way. The …

Talent Acquisition Theory

In this post, I will explore some complexities around talent acquisition. According to, a talent acquisition professional assesses staffing needs and then identifies and recruits talented individuals to fill those needs. Let’s put the mind of a talent acquisition specialist into conversation with Paul’s first letter to the Corinthian church (1Cor 1:26-29). While talent …


"What the missing dad doesn’t know is that the timbre of his voice, the slow tat, tat, of his footsteps along the hall, the sound of his razor buzzing communicate to his son’s ear, and with his son’s soul."


Beaming with pride and an apparent sense of rightfully inherited authority, he poised the long, flexible carving knife just above the center of the bird then apparently his voice melted in a rhythmic decrescendo as he burst into tears, crying out, “My father never taught me how to carve a turkey.”